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09 June 2005

Is it wrong to wish on space hardware?

Item 1: I'm about a week behind the curve on this one, but it turns out that Deep Throat is a guy who lives about fifteen minutes away from me. No, not Linda Lovelace. The other guy. The one with the inexplicable aversion to Nixonian skullduggery.

Skullduggery. Heh.

The county I live in now officially boasts: the most famous heretofore-unknown whistleblower of the twentieth century (see previous); the greatest musician of the twentieth century; the daughter of my favorite deceased writer (article by yours truly); the homestead, offspring, and museum dedicated to the work of one of the greatest cartoonists of the twentieth century; and the absolute cutest baby ever invented.

Item 2: Clearly she's not the cutest baby ever invented, but perhaps the spankin'-new daughter of Penn Jillette does have the coolest name ever invented.


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