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01 February 1990

Baby Pictures!

Keeping an eye on things at the free pancake, egg and ham breakfast at the fire station, a short block from our house.

She's only two, and this stuck-out tongue had to be solicited by the photographer. But look at that face: she's ready. We're in for some serious backtalk.

The lovely Auntie Caryn, stunningly beautiful Ellie, gorgeous Genevieve, and somewhat distracted Baby Joanna read Millions of Cats.

I really like the composition of this picture. It was one of those happy accidents you get sometimes: this lovely juxtaposition of beauties, light and dark.

The next three pictures melt my heart so much that it's a little hard to breathe when I look at them.

Great galloping fig trees, my daughter is a knockout. So. Beautiful. Can't. Breathe. Onward...

The Easter egg hunt begins!

Saturday morning in the living room, sunlit at last.

Evvy's Easter basket, being constructed the night before.

Sunday morning, just woke up....

...and oh my goodness, there's a basket!

With a stuffed bunny in it!

And bubbles...

...and sunglasses...

...and a chocolate bunny too!

Looking at the world through mama-colored glasses.

Would you, could you, in a Dr. Seuss-themed play structure?

Exploring the physics of plastic balls in soapy water with Ellie Ragsdale.

Tea for one, and one for tea.

It's mama and papa and mama and Genevieve and papa and Genevieve and mama and mama and Genevieve and papa and Genevieve!

Socializing at the picture window with cousin Eleanor.

In the arms of Auntie Eliane.

Group hug! Genevieve, Papa, Eleanor, Uncle Aaron, Auntie Rose.

Like my blue dress?

From left to right: Auntie Sutton, Herself, Papa, and Shasta enjoying storytime at the winter party.

Here's the Squamous grooving on her new BIG RED BALL with Grandpa Tom.

Too many places to go to limit herself to one direction, it would seem.

Genevieve's first Hallowe'en costume. A very serious bear is she.

Picking pumpkins at the patch with Papa, Mama, and Auntie Sutton.

Shootin' pool in a beach house on Kaua'i.

The girl's got balls!

That is one twisted baby.

Piggybacking in the Yuba River.

With a big bee at the Sonoma County Fair.

The walker! The stander!

Papa and Genevieve in the Hall of Flowers.
Mama and Genevieve in the Hall of Flowers.

At the petting zoo with sheepies.

A fearless deer tries to eat Genevieve's hat.

Pony ride! Pony ride! Pony ride!

Free vanilla ice cream at the fair. Aaaaaaah.

At G's first birthday party, in her new sandbox beside godbrother Gabriel Wolf Gluck.

All the babies in the party over here . . .
All my peoples in the place go Na, nana na na.

The adorable puddleduck, after a bath with Sutton.


New bathing suit with papa!
New bathing suit with mama!

A typical summer morning tableau at the picture window.

Yes, it's true, the world does revolve around her.

At the first birthday party of Edward Thurston Agnew, G helpfully indicates how to eat cake.

It's a pink pig from Aunt Gabrielle!
It oinks and walks and wiggles its nose and tail!
G is quite fond of her new pig.

Oranges, one of the many feline denizens of Sutton's Oakland home, gives G the sniff test.

Outside a Chinese restaurant in a weird new faux-residential Disneylandesque prefabricated shopping district in Oakland.

Packed up and ready to go.

Assisted bipedality! Hurray!

My Toothy Ruthie, my chompergums, my Skeezix.


Anonymous Helldog said...

My goodness, that is one heck fine baby you have there ;)
-Love, Aunty Helldog

3:21 PM  
Blogger Kim said...

I stumbled upon your blog (via a link at Codeblog)and discovered you have a darling baby! Great photos - she is precious!

8:23 AM  
Blogger b0b said...

Loved the baby pics!

9:38 AM  
Anonymous fynche said...

I have to tell you, the pig pictures make my day. Oh, and I think we share a cat. Maybe this explains where he disappears to.

5:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

she is just sooo cute!!!
my favourite one is were she is wearing the afro!!

she is so lucky to have such a loving family and you are lucky to have suvh a prity baby!!!
it would be nice if you could put up some more because she is just soo cute!!!
from jem age 13
p.s she is the cutest baby i have ever seen!!

7:34 PM  

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