Location: St. Vincent & Grenadines

You were driving home in the dark on one glass-slippered heel, window sliced open and bathing in the snowliquor of the night air. We heard you singing, and couldn't bear to wake you.

01 March 1990


There are a lot of problems in
my family. Specially one that is
going on right now. Everyone
on my family is sad. Is not anything
about that some one died or

It's that my uncle my mom's brother.
He was about to kill my ant; his
wife. She hads a lot of nife marks
and also hit marks. They took him
to Jail. The bad thing is that my
my cousin, his daugher saw and she
is seven years old.

She is in a special place with
her son and daugher. My uncle is
in Jail. There trying to take him
out. The case is really hard, but
a lawyer got it.


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