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03 August 2005

The communist daughter standing on the seaweed water.

Genevieve wanted to post something this morning. Here it is (modified by the constraints of format to exclude her generous use of the spacebar), her Very First Post:

m ,l,lkk90

n mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm;;;;;,
N [[[[l ,.uj xc? mmmmm kk k 0000000 c … … xxxxxxxxxt k

Me again. "Generous" is a word I find myself using a lot these days to describe Genevieve, although her generosity sometimes carries a whiff of the dictatorial. She will point at something to indicate she wants it -- say, the blue glass of water I was drinking from at breakfast -- and then, when I bring it around to tip into her mouth, she will push it away and drag it toward mama's mouth. This insistence on sharing everything is deeply charming, but also inconvenient when we're trying to get some food in her and she seems quite happy to do nothing but enforce her Marxist agenda.

Other items on G's agenda:

1. Have you ever seen Barton Fink? No? Oh, you really should. Anyway, if you have, you remember when he's in the theater watching the dailies of the bad wrestling picture, "Devil on a Canvas"? And he sees endless takes of a simian wrestler lurching toward the camera, roaring "I will destroy him!"? Well, that's what Genevieve likes to do most of the time when she's not making us feed each other. Minus the words, of course. She gets a wild look in her eyes, clenches her fists and raises them, and lurches forward going "grrrrRRRRRRR!!!!"

2. Blowing kisses, with the appropriate mmm-WAH sound effect.

3. Crying in pain because she's got about six or fourteen teeth that are trying to come through at once.

4. Banging wildly on her xylophone.

5. Taking off my glasses and giving them to Marla, and vice versa. This is, of course, a further manifestation of her socialistic tendencies.

6. Spying on papa in the shower.

7. Eating blueberries, and howling with rage if anyone or anything prevents her from continuing to eat blueberries.

8. Tossing clean clothes out of the laundry basket.

There are actually quite a lot of things on her agenda, and surely I'll get to them all someday, but right now I have to go because Marla and I are about to leave on an sixth-anniversary overnight stay at a B&B, sans baby, which is unprecedented, and I have to pack, so: laters.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary to both of you! With G's pics, she definitely looks like she has that mix of both being a good sharer and raising her fists in disgust. A good combination to have. Keep it up. Elyzabeth

8:22 AM  

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