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04 August 2005

Pitchers of liquors and milk.

I just posted a new entry to StickYbloG about the new Decemberists album, but it's not a review so much as it is a list. Of all the three-syllable words on the album. Why? Well, the album is called "Picaresque", which is three syllables; but more to the point, the Decemberists like to use multisyllabic words (or pronounce words like they're multisyllabic) for maximum I've-been-to-college effect, and tra-la-la, I like that.

I also like this Pound-Eliot Sestina over at McSweeney's, which really makes the most of its homonyms.

I also like Girls Are Pretty, a whole lot, because, man: to be that creative and that weird on a daily basis is awesome. I'm quite fond of August 1, Rowboat Race Day!

It's always exciting when someone I don't actually know in person reads Ipecac Aperitif and comments on it, repeatedly, and then turns out to have a very cool site of his own. Slimbolala, whoever you are, I salute you. Particularly your excellent illustrations, like the one about tranquility, which is just what my recent 6-year-anniversary baby-free overnight retreat with the missus involved, although I'm pretty sure it didn't look anything like this picture.


Blogger Wesley said...

Thanks for the links. I agree, those are some great sites.

I thought about separating my blog into "attempting to be funny" and "corny/personal/sentimental" identities. But I figured everybody would catch on anyway and it would all come crashing down in a dramatic climax of shame and humiliation. C'est la vie!

4:11 PM  
Blogger Slimbolala said...

Thank you. And I should hope not.

11:44 AM  

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