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You were driving home in the dark on one glass-slippered heel, window sliced open and bathing in the snowliquor of the night air. We heard you singing, and couldn't bear to wake you.

21 August 2005

They try to kick it, their feet fall asleep.

Link city today. Four amusing things, one serious thing.

1. I never did end up going to see Revenge of the Shit, because I rented Attack of the Clones first (having skipped it in theaters because The Phantom Menace was so eyeball-clawingly awful) in an effort to bring myself up to speed on the plotline. Turned out that Clones was very nearly as awful as Episode I, the near-absence of Jar-Jar Binks being the only appreciable improvement. So much for that. Whatever lingering urge I had to subject myself to another lump of George Lucas's feces has been more than satisfied by Backstroke of the West.

2. Play Inherit the Wino! Add your own!

3. In the course of scoping out books to teach this year, I checked the Amazon reviews for Nancy Farmer's The Eye, the Ear and the Arm and came across the critical oeuvre of one Tiffiany Limelight. Scroll down to the fourth review, steel yourself against the CAPS LOCK MADNESS, and read to the end. I think this trixie's got a bright future in right-wing TV punditry, don't you?

4. Speaking of right-wing pathology, the increasingly pathetic Onion scored a rare homer with this article on Intelligent Falling.

5. Remember when that arrogant fuckstick of a President started a war in Iraq for no good goddamned reason? Well, turns out the war is still happening two and a half years later, even though it's really, really easy not to think about it as long as you're American and don't know anyone in the military. Anyway, in the midst of going about my everyday business, I took a minute to sign this petition for an Iraq peace process drafted by Sen. Tom Hayden, and would encourage you to do so as well -- not because I think it's going to sway the minds of the thugs in charge (shit, if record-breaking worldwide protests didn't, what will?) but because doing nothing at all is no better, and because it's useful to take action even when it's merely symbolic, if only to jog the synapses and remind oneself where one stands. Me, I'm against protracted, avoidable carnage. You?


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