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09 February 2006

Aqualapping, everything is crushing me.

Thanks to a setup graciously provided by Matt Baldwin at Defective Yeti, I invite you now to participate in the 2006 Ipecac Aperitif Oscar betting pool.

For the purposes of this contest, I've pared down the 24 categories recognized by the Academy to a more manageable 13. In the unlikely event of a tie, I'll come up with a really obscure movie trivia question to determine the winner.

And what does the winner win?

Well, if the winner happens to reside in Sonoma County, California, I'll pony up some tickets to a local cinema. If the winner is located elsewhere, I'll send a bar of yummy gourmet chocolate through the mail, along with an original artisan-crafted poem by yours truly, written to order. Fair enough?

The deadline is high noon on Sunday, March 5, so get votin'!


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