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12 April 2006

Judging from picturebooks, apparently Heaven is a partly cloudy place.

Herewith, a variety show.

1. Never watched his show, but props to Bill Nye the Science Guy for inadvertently pissing off some dogmatists at a recent lecture by daring to point out that the geocentric view of creation presented in the Bible may perhaps be overripe for revision. Folks, disbelief is meant to be suspended, not incinerated. Everything that lives gets revised, so if you believe in a living God, then have the courage to consider Him from a new angle every once in a while. Preferably more often than once every two thousand years. Jesus Christ.

2. Because it's necessary, someone made an alphabetized list of every Dr. Seuss character. Thanks for the tip, Tanglebones.

3. This is quite possibly the funniest Engrish ever, and it just goes on and on and on.

4. Tom Petty is pure evil.

5. The Amazing Erotic Adventures of Georgina Bush, a choose-your-own-adventure for the freedom-hating set.

6. I turned vegan for about ninety seconds after watching The Meatrix.

7. I am not a comics geek by any stretch of the imagination, but when I read Watchmen I was floored in a way that I've rarely been by pictureless fiction. As far as I'm concerned, it is one of the seminal works of literature of the twentieth century, and anyone who dares to consider herself or himself an intellectual had better make reading it a priority. That pitch made, I'll admit that I haven't yet taken in any of the rest of Alan Moore's oeuvre, nor have I yet seen V For Vendetta. But I found this interview with Mr. Moore very interesting. (Thanks again, TB.) His philosophical rigor and deliberate lack of interest in other people's opinions of him remind me of many of my favorite geekazoidinal friends.

8. All right, enough. It's a rainy Wednesday night. Clearly...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Traffic light red now
First gear fear mustang jock cheese
I-pod slob die please

3:44 AM  
Blogger Jemaleddin said...

I don't remember linking to the Seuss stuff, but I own a copy of "The Shape of Me and Other Stuff," and took a picture of the "Blogg" therein, but before blogging it, discovered that somebody had beaten me to it.

Watchmen is probably Moore's greatest work to date - though the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (the book, not the movie (Where's your f-ing neck?)) is more fun. Anyone too snobby to read a comic book by Moore, Neil Gaiman, Art Spiegelman or Grant Morrison needs to check for anal-cranial impaction.

5:31 AM  

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