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11 August 2006

You can't raise a baby on motor oil.

Yes indeed: holy shit: this might actually be the best thing ever.

So There's That. (One of the finest say-nothing verbal placeholders, much better than "uh"; thanks again, Signal Station.) Now This: Not Fooling Anybody, an Ontario-heavy but nonetheless intermittently amusing documentation of the ... of the something-or-other phenomenon whereby stuff occurs with regard to urbanized interchangeability or the lack thereof? And it's ... ironical? I think it's bad form to register an actual emotional response to this website, but whatever. I "enjoyed" in particular Master Donut (you wanna trick? I'll bring it to ya), Back In The Day Soul Food, and Gilstrap Chiropractic. Even better than any of this is Satan's Laundromat, which casts a less specifically snarky net and dredges up a more tantalizing collage.

Okay. So here's my next question: how can I post mp3s on this site? I know how to do images...

...but I haven't figured out how to integrate sound files yet. My recording session, though enjoyable in the moment, yielded relatively little edible fruit. Or audible fruit. Or awkward metaphorical snag. It was the cicadas, man; it's hard to get into the mellow acoustical lullaby groove with an obnoxious coleopteraic monotone over your shoulder. Nevertheless, just in case I'm hit by a bus next week, I feel compelled to share the couple of relatively successful takes we gleaned with all y'all. If, that is, someone can tell me how I might do such a thing.

Techies, I await your gracious benevolence.


Anonymous Beth W. said...

Are you doing any hosting from one of your own machines or is your blogger blog all located on some computer out in the ether?

Posting mp3s from your own machines just means putting them into some web-available space and then posting a link in one of your blogger posts.

The easier thing might be to upload the soundfiles to, which will host them for a week, and then post THAT link to blogger. Then they can be there for a while, ephemeral, like the cicadas. :)

3:27 PM  
Blogger Felix Helix said...

Okay, I just tried to do that, but I can't find the mp3s to upload. I know I've got 'em, because when I open up the iTunes application they're on the jukebox. But I cannot seem to locate them as files that can be browsed and uploaded.

My computer's more than three years old, so Apple won't talk to me anymore. Grr.

3:52 PM  
Blogger Jemaleddin said...

You should be able to "Get Info" for an item in iTunes and look through the 4 different tabs to find the directory that the actual file is located in.

5:28 AM  

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