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03 September 2006

You're a ward of the state, she's a screaming suffragette.

I happen to believe that a lot of scientific and rational premises are irrational to begin with -- that the work of much science and academic inquiry is, deep down, merely the elaborate justification of desire, bias, whim, and glory. I sense that to some extent the rational "thinking" areas of our brains are super-rationalization engines. They provide us with means and justifications for our more animal impulses. They allow us to justify them to both ourselves and then, when that has been accomplished, to others.

-- David Byrne

Yay desire! Yay bias, whim, and glory!

I'm sticking with my story, which is that it's all a bunch of stories. People condition themselves to believe that a few of the stories are true and the rest are not to be taken seriously, which is sad, because actually they're all true and none of them should be taken seriously. According to my story, that is. And here we go round the mulberry bush of subjectivity, and oh isn't it scary that you can't actually get a permanent fix on the true nature of anything? Depends. Are you into scary stories?

Here's a story I like. Not scary. Except for the fact that I'm going to Hell for reading it.

And then there's this,

which needs no justification, elaborate or otherwise. Go Scott Wade!


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